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Virtual training makes personal training accessible anywhere. These workouts are live and done virtually. Your coach will demo and explain your exercises while helping you move with proper form. Reap the benefits of face to face sessions, but on your phone or PC!

Online programs are workouts completed on your own through our app. You’ll watch exercise demos for the day’s workout and track your fitness stats all in one place. Workout programs can be personalized and are not one size fits all.

We work with any and all equipment you have access to. Must have items include mini bands and long resistance bands, chair or bench, foam roller and a yoga ball.

During weekly check ins, your coach will answer any questions you have about your workouts. Stay accountable with in app tracking of fitness stats, progress and workout completion.

We are all SO different. As long as you have a body (which I hope you do), you’re ready to get active and healthy. AOF makes movement simple. Get started now and get ready to impress yourself!

We offer nutrition guidance, recipes and help keep you accountable with nutrition goal setting.

Our coaches and functional based training make the difference. Most at-home workouts are poorly designed and ignore proper movement and form. Our workouts are designed by coaches who are certified, experienced, and available to answer questions. Our approach keeps you safe and always progressing.

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